Distinctive features of the BBG business are its lively character, profitability and absence of big financial and labour expenditures. You may be engaged in this business yourself, together with your family or friends ― everything depends on the priority profile and the scale you strive for.

What kind of business can you start with the BBG?

(1) Organizing the Big Bow Games

What is needed for this type of business?

   a) Legal status
   b) Equipment set (bows, arrows with soft arrowheads, bunkers, targets and shooting marks, costumes, banners)
   c) Good knowledge of the Rules of the Big Bow Games
   d) Good communication and organizational skills.

You may use your own playground if you have it or plan to acquire; you may also rent a playground on the long lease or pay by the hour basis; there is also an opportunity of organizing the games only in public places or on the customer’s territory.

Undoubtedly, availability of your own playground makes your business more stable, steady and attractive for clients ― they always know where and when they can play. At the same time the playground rent increases the current expenses. In this case you have to calculate the number of games you need to make the playground lease profitable.

Availability of your own/leased playground makes it possible to develop the business in the direction of forming a network of playgrounds in your region. In case of well-established technology of game organization and business administration it is quite simple. At the same time the profit grows in proportion to the number of playgrounds.

Target groups:

   а) Adults (18 - 60). Motivation: active recreation, sports, archery, spending leisure time together.
   b) Teenagers (12 - 18). Motivation: active recreation, sports, archery, organizing parties and birthday celebrations.
   c) Families. Motivation: active recreation together.
   d) Organizations and corporations. Motivation: sports, active spending leisure time together, team building, active training sessions, testing.

(2) The Big Bow Game organization + Distribution of the BBG equipment

This kind of business will do for those who have their own playground(s) together with suitable premises for equipment storage.

It often happens that players prefer to have their own bows and arrows as well as their own game costumes. Sometimes families living in private houses want to buy small “family” equipment sets. And quite often various organizations buy the BBG equipment sets for active recreation of their employees.

Thus, your business may be not only a playground, but a marketplace as well. Naturally, it will make it possible for you to form an additional source of income.

(3) The BBG equipment sales

This business is for those who do not want to be engaged in organizing games and prefer to concentrate on selling the equipment.

The dealer buys the equipment wholesale from us, has it cleared by the customs and stows it in his warehouse. Then the dealer carries out activities for promoting the products in his region, makes up equipment sets and delivers them to his customers.

As soon as you get things going, this kind of business brings in growing income without additional labour expenditures.

No matter what kind of business our BBG partners choose, we render them any possible assistance:
    • Consultation on all the issues of organizing and developing the business
    • Assistance in economic calculations
    • Assistance in working out a business plan for the bank or investor
    • Commodity credit
    • Possibly  investments in the form of equipment
    • Internet marketing

If you have questions about organizing, doing and developing business, contact us 

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