As is known from experience, organizations (state institutions, corporations, private companies) employ the Big Bow Games effectively and with great pleasure. Managers, HR officials or corporate coaches organize the games:

a) for their employees:
   • as an active kind of organized recreation
   • for team building
   • as a component of corporate trainings

b) for their clients
   • as an additional service for the customers
   • as a means of gaining and increasing the customers’ loyalty

c) for their constant partners, for example, during the dealers’ meetings.

If the games are held rarely (once in several months) and an organization does not have their own trained moderator, then it is more convenient for them to order Game sessions at the regional certified BBG Facilitator.

However, if an organization arranges the Games frequently and has a trainer (facilitator, expert) as a member of staff, it is more advantageous to purchase a BBG equipment set and get acquainted with the rules of the Game.

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