At present we have just started forming a dealer network.
Our strategy is to have one strong dealer in the region who will have no competitors in this area. All the orders for the BBG products coming from each region are automatically duplicated to the regional dealer. The dealer, correspondingly, serves the customers as soon as possible.

In practice, if a dealer establishes confidential relations with a customer, makes timely deliveries of the necessary products, advises the client on the best ways of effective usage of the equipment, hereinafter the dealer’s income grows without additional efforts.

Since a dealer is both a supplier of the products and an adviser, we carry out a free training of dealers on our premises or online.

The archery games business is relatively new but it is spreading fast all over the planet. It is natural that those entrepreneurs who occupy their place in the market earlier will receive the largest revenue.

If you are interested in regional dealership, contact us 

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