Who and what is the Big Bow Game designed for?

First of all, the BBG is a splendid form of active recreation. A good many people with their families, children and friends come to the playground to have a run, shoot a bow, experience excitement of the battle and fill themselves with positive emotions.

Active BBG players are the employees of various enterprises and organizations. Sometimes corporate parties are held (or start) in such an energetic way. Quite often corporate trainers and coaches employ the Game for team building, practicing joint activities, testing the staff – their behavior in stressful situations, team cooperation, capability to work individually and as a part of the team, etc.

Sometimes event organizers turn to the BBG moderators, especially when they plan birthday parties for teenagers and young people. A birthday party with the BBG is always an unforgettable experience!

Where are the Big Bow Games held?

The BBG may take place on various grounds. The Game moderators may organize their own playgrounds. In this case they invite people to play on “their” territory.
Still, the players, especially those who participate in corporate or birthday parties, mostly prefer to play the Game on their own territory. In this case the moderator organizes away games.

Since the Game does not have a strict format, the playground may be organized outdoors, weather permitting, or indoors. The natural playground for the Game is a park lawn, a glade, a beach, it is possible to play even in shallow waters. Any indoor or outdoor playground or sports hall may be used for playing the Big Bow Game.

In any case, the moderators clearly designate the bounds of the playground outside of which it is forbidden to shoot.

The Game Format

The BBG does not have a strict format ― everything depends on the players’ preferences, experience, abilities and possibilities. The Scenarios provide for participation of various number of players, ranging from a simple duel of two rivals to a “battle” of several teams at the same time. The playground size may also be relatively free, but as a rule it is not more than 40x40 m; its minimum size is 12x25 m. It is natural that the more people take part in a game session, the larger playground is needed.

The BBG as your own business If you are an enterprising and energetic person, then with the BBG you will be able to easily make from 4 000 USD a month depending on the chosen business area (playgrounds, distribution, dealership), your organizational skills and peculiarities of your local market.

We help everyone who is eager to make the BBG their business by rendering financial assistance, consulting services, marketing advice. See the COOPERATION section ― Your start up with BBG.