If you are reading these words now, it may mean that one of your ancestors was an archer. Probably, he was a skillful hunter who could maintain his family with his bow. Or, possibly, she could defend herself and her children from the enemy with her archery. Or, maybe, he was an archer who seized new territories where your ancestors lived ever after.


Archery is in our genes. Even if you have never shot a bow before, without any prompting you will be able to take a bow and an arrow, draw the string and release an arrow in the direction of your goal. All the ancient peoples of the world had this intuitive weapon.


In the Big Bow Game we stir up our ancient memory. And again, playing a role of a Scythian, a Viking, a Mongol or an Indian, we defend our kin, our Totem, make a raid upon the enemy’s territory and seize the enemy’s camp.


We experience the same feelings and emotions our forefathers did, with one exception – pain. Soft arrowheads and protective masks guarantee not only complete safety, but also absence of the slightest sensation of pain. But on the other hand, great excitement, unity with your fellow tribesman in the heat of the battle, joy of winning ― all this is guaranteed!


Besides various and numerous game scenarios, the BBG specialists designed original bows, soft arrowheads, game obstacles and shooting marks, as well as costumes for the players. Production of the main equipment on the BBG manufacturing facilities makes it possible to control the quality of the produce and minimize its price for our customers.

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